Limited Run SaberBay Machined Alu DARKSABER Live Action Run *NOW TAKING RESERVES*


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Update: received my invoice and paid! Thanks so much! I can't wait for this hilt! I haven't been a big fan of the previous Dark Saber styles, from Rebels for instance, but I love how it was updated for Mando S2.


The neopixel blade is nearly there.
there’s been some final adjustments done to the shape, and the lightning design still has a little more tweaking to go, but all in all I’m very happy with it so far.

Some details about the blade itself.
CMC machined polycarbonate durable and flexible.

Easy install of pixel. Blade uses a single 12mm wide pixel strip that slides up one side of the blade. My way of lighting the blade keeps the blade thin, reduces weight, allows it to safely flex back and forth without damaging the strip, greatly reduces power consumption, and it’s still very bright.
RGBW strips are encouraged here for best results.

The black siding is a multilayered cut graphic of my own making. It’s taken me a while to get the process down as it’s a rather unusual production methods. It has a nice matte scratch resistant laminate and the adhesive is very aggressive.
In the case of aging or if damage occurs, this siding can be stripped and a new one can be reapplied for a fresh look.
There are also different looks to choose from be it the screen accurate lightning or solid black, there’s also some other designs in the works.

These blades are to be considered hand made, while many parts are planned to be outsourced for the bulk of the blades for this run, they are all hand assembled. It takes skill, a steady hand, patience, and an eye for detail. there’s lots of steps that include sanding, trimming, glueing, chem prep, sandblasting. Not to mention I fabricate all the parts from scratch myself.

I’ve been working on the neopixel Darksaber blade for going on 3 years now. It’s been endless amounts of R&D and late nights. A passion project that became something much more due in part to the great support from the community.
I’m really happy to finally share it with you all.

Stay tuned for future updates regarding this as there’s still more developments to come.



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Oh damn!! I appreciate your hard work and attention to detail. Each one hand created to meet your exact standards without compromising the results i say THANK YOU!! Is the video just sound of the Dark saber?? Heard sounds only. Keep up the great work.


Oh damn!! I appreciate your hard work and attention to detail. Each one hand created to meet your exact standards without compromising the results i say THANK YOU!! Is the video just sound of the Dark saber?? Heard sounds only. Keep up the great work.
The video is working on my end. It’s just a short demo showing how bright it is and it’s flex


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Sent an email to reserve a spot also. But haven't gotten a response yet. I assume it's because he's busy and hasn't gotten to the email yet. *Now taking reserves* is still in the thread subject. So I think we're still good to go.


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Who else had a heart attack when he bent the blade a bit hahahaha but in all seriousness, I’m pumped for this. Hopefully this will have a metal crystal chamber option. Keep up the great work.


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Thank you all for your patience.
We got pictures and video of the 2 prototypes.
One was to have the top grip surface be dark grey and the other flat black to see how closest we could get to the over all look of the prop.
We were not pleased with the machining on the main grip.
All other parts looks beautiful which is what’s disappointing .
We think they machined it without making secure tool fixture so had chatter as its is .

We are having them remake the main grip and showing us how they are holding the part as they are machining it in the Multi axis machine.

We think they can execute this part but if they can not our good friend Khal at Kr Sabers/TheSaberArmory will help get these made at one of his factories but that will ad a substantial delay and we don’t feel we have to go that route yet since this shop has executed on all other parts.

Rest assured every penny sent in for deposits is set aside in a separate savings account and I have been paying out of pocket to have these prototypes made.
They are not cheap(close to $10,000 already spent on the 5 prototypes) but we need to get it right before getting these in your hands.
Khal from KrSabers/TheSaberArmory is also helping us communicate to the shop how this part needs to be held during the process on the multi axis machine.

It’s good to remember these shops don’t know what they are making.
Those tooling marks would be fine if this was a piece of furniture or something and it was. not visible on the end product , so they just need to be guided and communication is not always easy.

We also told them as they remake the part to scrap the flat black for the grips ( seems to dark) but to find a darker grey color.
So we can compare the lighter grey and darker grey and then decide on final color finishing


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I ordered the Force FX version to tide me over until this comes to fruition. What a joke omg.
Boxed it right back up and returned the next morning.
I mean, the heft was good, the finish on the grip was actually good, and the stand was cool. But proportions and overall look were just so not....right. Don't get me started on the sound and light features.

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