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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by saberdance, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. saberdance

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    Could anyone tell me who makes the best and most accurate grips for a Luke ANH saber? Where can I get a set of 7?
  2. Dr. J

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  3. SaberFreak

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  4. Killdozer

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    not bad... not bad... :D

  5. kurtyboy

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    Grips from Saberfreak.
  6. Darth Lars

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    The real grips were made from plastic and are wider than both Blast-Tech's and Saberfreaks grips. They real fins also have a slight taper, which no replica grips do.

    Blast-Tech's grips:
    They come in a kit ready to attach to the lightsaber right away. They are already cut to the right size. The underside is curved to fit any 1 1/2" tube (Graflex or MPP) and comes with double-sided tape already attached. The downside is that they are made from rubber, which is inaccurate. The fin can also be slightly deformed from the manufacturing process, but most people don't notice this.

    Saberfreak's grips:
    You get 10 cm pieces of plastic that you have to cut to the size you want. The underside is flat. They are brown, so you they will have to be painted. However, they are of the correct type of plastic, and some saber grips used in production of Star Wars were also of brown plastic painted black. When I bought them they were slightly cheaper than Blast-Tech's, but the cost evens out if you add in the cost of glue (or tape) and black spray paint.

    Personally, I used to use Blast-Tech grips when it was the only option available, but I use Saberfreak's now.
    I also got saber grips when I bought my Graflex replica from Parksabers. Parks grips are practically identical to Blast-Tech's except for less deformation. If you are waiting for an USK from Parks, the grips included in the kit are enough for both a Vader and a Luke saber.
  7. JunkSabers1138

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    Killdozer, that's an awesome Luke ANH saber. Is it yours and are the Graflex, bubbles, D-ring, and grips real and accurate?
  8. Darth Detroit

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    I use the Blast-Tech grips, John delivers on time and its a very good product for the price. I plan on using saberfreaks grips on my Vader ROTJ saber, since it will be strictly for display only .
  9. bobasfett

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    I don't think the width difference you are referring to is all that correct. I feel I can comment since I have compared saberfreaks grips with those on an ESB resin blaster and the difference is minimal. They were spot on. And before anyone jumps to the shrinkage issue....that was minimal compared to a real sterling. I honestly feel, and not just because I use them, that saberfreaks grip material is the most accurate to anything that's been offered before.
  10. Rupp66

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    Just PMed you Pol .

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