S.H.I.E.L.D. spin off

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    Well this is certainly interesting. I still think that a Mockingbird series would work better on Netflix, or anything other than primetime television. The reason: Doing so opens the door to more adult-centric content, like Daredevil. As awesome as Daredevil was, it just would not have worked on primetime. I think the same holds true for a Mockingbird series.
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    It will be interesting going forward for Marvel's Cinematic Universe if they start trying to become a bit more adult oriented in some aspects of their products.

    I agree 100% that "Daredevil" wouldn't have worked on network TV. Before it, CW's "Arrow" seemed to be about the "darkest" comic book type show on TV...and "Daredevil" kind of came along and laughed in it's face, fell down, rolled around, then got up and said "You call THAT dark?? We'll show you dark."

    And you know what?? I loved every second of it. As much as I love the lighthearted feel of many of the other Marvel properties, "Daredevil" kind of stood alone for me this past year as the standout production.
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