S.H.I.E.L.D. Logo from The Avengers

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    Since the set photo came out of the new S.H.I.E.L.D. logo (with the "actors" chairs in front) I have thought "that would be a pretty easy project" (isn't that what we all say? :lol)


    With the movie coming in a couple of short months, and my Avengers collection growing, I thought this would be the perfect time to start! This however will be a slow build, since my newborn son will be coming literally any day now.

    To start, I found the highest resolution picture I could of the logo. I then converted the logo to a basic shape for easy printing. Keeping the resolution high, I took the file to a local copy center and had it printed 24"x24"

    I bought a couple pieces of 3/4" MDF, and attached the print to one of the pieces of the same dimension. Using a hobby knife, I cut the shapes out leaving only the outline of each piece still attached to the MDF. Then I simply traced each shape out.

    Next, I needed to figure out some measurements for the rest of the logo. Using the high-res picture again, I figured out (as best I could) the measurements for the inner ring (with the raised metal portions/hex heads), and the outer ring.

    I have all of my measurements figured, and all of the pieces laid out on MDF. Now I need to figure out my plan of attack for cutting everything out. A scroll saw would be ideal, but I don't have one. I think my best bet will be using a jigsaw to make the rough cuts, then sanding everything to final shape.


    Once I get the pieces cut out, I will use my router to bevel the edges. This is where I don't think I can get "screen accurate" as the bevels won't be varying sizes like in the movie.

    As far as the inner ring, I will use MDF for that as well, and make the metal pieces using either aluminum bar or sheet steel bent into shape, along with hex head bolts and washers.

    Once everything is assembled (see what I did there? :lol) I plan on having the main pieces raised a bit to fit LEDs for backlighting.

    Stay tuned!

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