S 17 4th doctor costume.....so far


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Well , awhile ago I decided I had to have my own doctor costume, given that Tom Baker was my first doctor.. ( and you never forget your first doctor )
I based my costume off his appearance in " CIty of Death " one of my favorite episodes of the series .

Obviously the Baker is common known for his scarf, and by this season the scarf had grown to over 19 ft long, no easy task for any knitter, I had long before aquired a 19 ft scarf, but it was machine knit and not the right color, still an amazing piece of clothing though, luckily it was a few weeks ago I was given the pleasure of receiving a hand knitted scarf by our very own Hogosha.

the scarf I received is an amazing piece of work and anyone who needs a scarf would do wonders to contact Hogosha.

Alright..almost to pictures I promise, but before I do I want to give a special thanks to Indy Magnoli who did an amazing job on replicating Bakers frock coat from said earlier episode, it is truly an amazing coat and fits like a glove.

Here is the coat as I recevied it..........

an amazing recreation given the original as seen here............

Oddly enough the Doctor does seem to wear a vest in this version, though hidden by his coat, i did eventually manage to find a picture of it, obviously a hard to replicate houndstooth pattern, so instead I made do with what I could find.

Luckily while out I managed to find a nice satin black and white vest that I dyed a golden yellow, ..... while I was on a time crunch for a particular convention I do need to go back and add bolder black stripes and thin red stripes, but this did for now.

the rest of the costume was simply a pair of grey slacks, brown shoes and a white button shirt.

i do eventually wish to get this as SA as possible, but for the time being I think the ensemble looks amazing, and I hope to have some much better shots for you soon, for now though, enjoy : )

I will update the thread as i get new pics and newer pieces till it is complete.

Thanks for your time


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WOW! That's a big scarf! LOL! Thank you for the kind words! Madam Nostradamus also sends her best!