Ryan Gosling Sunglasses - Crazy, Stupid Love


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Hey guys. I recently saw Crazy, Stupid Love and since i look up to Ryan Gosling, i decided to try and find a pair of the sunglasses he wears in the movie.

After a bit of searching i found out that they are Selima Optique "Chad" sunglasses but they cost around $380 for the authentic pair, which is a little crazy i might say. And also, they were sold out of the auburn color they are in the movie.

So i decided i'd try and look for a cheaper equivalent pair but have not been so lucky. I hope to employ anyone's help in finding anything good. And as always, i highly appreciate it! :cool



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And by the way, any Drive fans (such as myself) should take note that Ryan loves the Selima Optique brand and often personally uses their sunglasses in movies, such as Drive. So these ones are the same brand as the ones in Drive but are a different model


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What is the specific model for the Drive sunglasses?

BTW, name brand is always worth it in my opinion. If you're going to do it, do it right. Plus, knockoffs have all kinds of issues. Shapes that are off, even by a millimeter, can change the entire fit for your face. Also, the plastic is ALWAYS terrible in knockoffs.

Probably not helpful, but hey.


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In Drive, they are the Selima Optique "Money 2" model.

But yeah i hear you. $385 for something that can be left on a counter somewhere or lost pretty easily? I dunno. I'm literally the most responsible person i know when it comes to those things but still...

And by the way, i read somewhere that the Selima Optique quality isn't that great, but i'm not sure how much i buy that
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