RWBY Costume - Where to buy?


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Hello everyone! First of all, I'm very new to the forums, so, I hope this is the right place to post!
If not, let me know!

I'm getting into cosplay recently, and I really am interested in perhaps cosplaying as Ruby from RWBY.
I believe I will be buying this cosplay rather than making it, mostly because the patterns and designs are a bit too complex for a beginner like me.
However, I will most likely make her weapon [which is a giant scythe]

I have found a website, called Cosplay Sky, where they actually have almost her entire outfit:
Which is great! And it seems pretty affordable!
Her costume seems very accurate as well.

However, I want to know if anyone has bought from them before?
Whether their quality is actually okay?
Judging by the photo on their website, it looks good, but I'm unsure.

Also, does anyone else suggest perhaps elsewhere to buy a costume like so?
In case you don't know about her, she looks like this:

So far, I like Cosplay Sky because it seems accurate, while being affordable.
I'm not sure if anyone else has done a RWBY cosplay before and could suggest me some tips.

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From the look of things it looks just fine.
You should search reviews from the site. See what others online think of their work in general.
That is pretty much what you are doing here, but I don't know if this it he best place.
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