Russian U.N.I.T. Uniform


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I have been researching for countless hours and checking/double checking everything time and time again to ensure that everything was correct.
The Russian version of U.N.I.T, OGRON was mentioned in passing in one of the old episodes (between the 4th doctor and the 6th) and in a couple books.
It's not really cannon, and they really don't even describe the uniforms at all, I put together with my knowlege of Russian uniforms and gear, a good representation of what the Officers Dress uniform would look like in the Modern Age.

The components I used are as such

  • U.S. Army Class A (green) short sleeved shirt
  • U.S. Army Class A green pants (to be changed for light OD when I can find them)
  • Russian MVD flag patch and shoulder arc
  • Russian Rocketry Forces patch
  • UNIT patches
  • Shoulder epaulets I made myself
  • Scarlet Special Forces beret
  • Vietnam Era Jungle Boots (freshly polished :D)
Let me know what everyone thinks!
I will have a combat uniform done when I can get the uniform imported from Russia!
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