Runes on Thor Ragnarok's Mjolnir


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Hello everybody this is my first thread so I hope i don't screw up.

I'm currently working on a accuracy mjolnir from the MCU, i've made my research and I don't know how to proced at this point.
The top of the hammer have a cap with a inscription on it, I think (I may be wrong) that supose to say:

"whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor"

this inscription is in elder futhark font. In the Hasbro Mjolnir the runes are the next one


and it says the same quote, kinda

"whosoewer holds this hamer if he be worthj shal poses the power of thor" (x equals to th in the runes)

Until here everything is perfect, but there is a frame in Thor Ragnarok that screw this hole thing.

In the next pic I write in red runes that it should be and in green the translate, I mark in blue the runes that make no sense to me.

Do you guys see something that I'm missing? as you can tell by this thread english is not my native language so maybe I have missed something in the quote? I don't know and is driving me crazy

Ilustración-sin-título (1).jpg

Thanks to all that can help me with this and have a great day.


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That woul read as "ail" (as in what troubles or afflicts you).
Looks like a typo, perhaps they were going for all?
Spelling with runes can be tricky as I found out when making a runic sword once. In the end I found it better to translate the words into old Norse and use the right runes. (Probably used the wrong gammmer though)


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I think is a typo too, in fact, I think that frame is from a CGI shot and not an actual prop so it could be that. But why put some effort on make the right runes and screw 3 of them?? I think I'll make 2 versions one with the runes that should be and one with the runes that are in the this shot.

Thank you


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I recently worked on a project with one of the original props. The NDA prohibits me from saying a lot, but I took a few pictures that may help.


  • 4326B4B3-1B6E-4C8E-8512-0F2A10403A31.jpeg
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  • 61DDA1E0-D8FB-47A9-9D6B-C42FE157635A.jpeg
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