Ruffkin's Wolf Canon


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Hello Folks I have been asked by several people that haven't had a chance to see a Ruffkins wolf canon to send them pics.rather than to send them to each individual(yes.i know what a lazy guy huh? :D ?
here there are for you all to see.
A big thanks to Chuck for this great canon and also an apology to bryan:Bryan I stand corrected. upon a long inspection of all the wolf canons came to the conclusion and have to concur with ya.CHUCKS CANON IS THE MOST ACCURATE OF THEM ALL
I think Chuck offers a static and a non static sversion either can be ordered with light also I believe I order the non static without the lights.
on to the pics:







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Great to see you around Lee,Are we to assume work on the new house is almost over and we're about to be treated to pics of your WIP of your weapon wall?
I can't wait to see your new weapon wall

P.S. I forgot to include the caps to places where the screws show.sorry :D


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Looks Great! Chuck, Expect a order at the start of May after i order a Usurper Wolf Mask. :D This looks really nice.