Rubies? Supreme/Collectors Ed. Royal Guard Costume & Helmet


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Hadn't seen anyone mention much of this yet, but as a big Imperial Guard fan, I'm saddened to see the Rubies Guard helmet alone, being listed for so much, not to mention the high price (but avg. for the line) on the complete get up, which will probably be pretty poor.

Has anyone else seen anymore information on this, looks like Halloween is coming up fast and that these will actually be hitting the market after people saw images of them back in 2010. I've read that the Don Post ver. was supposed to be undersized, so I'm at least hoping that these aren't just direct copies of them, at least in the images the visor area is different. I'm definitely having a bit of buyers remorse after selling my 2 Don Posts, but the price of the new one makes me feel just as bad.

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Saw it in my wholesale catalog. Gonna wait until I see them in person.

The thing that gets me, is the price of the helmet alone. It is more than double the cost of the Vader full size helmet.
If there's one thing I know about Rubies is not much of the time does the catalog photo look like the helmet or costume once you get it in your hands.
Be careful and try to see it in person before you spend the bucks. Their Vader editon was not bad for the money but when they did Fett they ripped alot of people off. My kids Kmart version was better. I heard this thing might be going for up to $899. If it's anything close to the disaster of Fett, stay away.
The cost of the helmet alone is insane, I do not understand why it is priced so much higher than any of the others. I've also never seen any of the others referenced as Collector's Editions either, so maybe something in material or quality sets it apart. I saw the images of people running into the items at cons., their pictures did look promising but I'm not holding my breath on it. Sad thing is that the Star Wars stuff like that rarely go on sale after Halloween. I waited a couple of years and finally picked up a Supreme Vader for $50 bucks on craigslist but still see them listed on ebay for $70+.
I will tell you this, that website you posted is not marking it up much at all.

the full retail on just the helmet is $300. that makes me think it is going to be made of something else aside from vinyl. Although, it being Rubies, i am probably wrong.
Ah good to know, I am amazed there isn't more to this since a correctly sized Imperial Guard helmet is still fairly sought after. I can't say I'll be the first to purchase this and compare though.
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