Rubies costume accessory TOS Phaser conversion.

LeoCor Replicas

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Found this Rubies phaser in a costume shop near me, so I decided to convert it into a more accurate replica.

Started off by filling in the screw holes that hold the piece together (I left the battery compartment screw alone), sanded off the excess and extra legal printing painted the main body with Rust-Oleum satin wildflower blue (I wanted slate blue, but they were out), hand-painted the handle, back adjustment knob, and main type-1 assembly in flat black, and painted the trigger, rear fins, rear knob base, emitter, and smaller details in Rust-Oleum bright coat metallic finish (my personal favorite spray paint). I also noticed that they forgot to add the little release tab for the Type 1 module, so I drilled a small hole, cut and sanded a small bamboo skewer, painted it bronze, and glued into the hole.


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