Rubies Biker Scout Helmet (yeah, I know...)

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Hey guys, I have a question for anyone that owns or has handled a Rubies Biker Scout Helmet. I've not seen a Rubies helmet (any of them) in person but I know thier products have kind of a bad reputation in general. Anyways, I'm thinking about getting a Scout bucket off of evilbay because the price is pretty low, but it looks kinda squashed in the picture. Is it just a bad picture? Or do they have a tendency to flatten out over time if left sitting on a shelf like my Don Post TIE Pilot Helmet?

Other than that, if it is just a bad picture, is the Rubies worth the effort of trying to work up?
It doesn't say, but the more I look at the pic (I'd link it, but it's an active auction) the more it's looking out of whack. Still though, the detail doesn't look too bad. If I bent it back into the right shape and lined it with something to stiffen it up it might not be too bad. Of course, after I go to all that effort I'd likely be better off just buying one that doesn't need all the work.
I got mine back around 1999 when I think it was still made by Don Post anf I had no issues, However, no matter when it was made, if they did not store it properly (hot area or squished) it will warp.

The X-Wing Helmet always collapsed under its own weight. i had one for a bit. You could reshape it using a the heat from a hair dryer. You might want to try that if you end up getting it.
I've heard the DP one was decent if you wanted to put some work into it (the Deluxe DP being better still) but I've never had my hands on one. I like my DP TIE Helmet, but the box on the left side collapsed pretty good under it's weight. Right now I have it on a stand and I put wooden blocks in the boxes to reshape them. I ran it under hot water to get it pliable enough to get the wooden blocks in and then put it in the freezer to cool it off. It helps, but it still needs work.

Anyways, I don't mind putting in some extra effort if I can get something cheap, seeing as I have way more time than money. :D
I had a Duluxe DP TIE at one time, wish I still had it. They did not offer many other Duluxe designs, I think maybe a stormtrooper. They were suppose to do an X-Wing but never did.

One of these days iwant to upgrade the scout's lens.

EDIT: Oops, I meant "Classic Action". The DP" Deluxe" TIE was fiberglass with stand and chect box.
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I personally would stay away. The Rubies doesn't even look correct when you compare it with better helmets. Unless you get it for very cheap (and I mean like $20) and want the challenge I would look elsewhere. Kropserkel's lids are more expensive, but at $150 you could have something you are going to much more happy with in the long run.
with enough spit and polish you can turn a rubbies turd of a helmet into this

Frank K. Krug - Illustrations and Model Works

I don't know, I've been spitting on mine and no changes. :confused

I picked mine up on clearance back when target used to carry them. I think it was $17.50. It a diplay piece in my collection next to some other helmets. It's fine for that. If i were doing a complete costume I'd go with something different. But still, I would like to do some upgrades.
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I can't believe that nobody has mentioned WOLF to this guy?
He's an RPF member and He is selling this helmet in ( I believe ) kit form or pre assembled. It is by FAR the most accurate I have ever seen and he has pictures in the below thread to prove it. You will find his helmet right next to the real McCoy. Read the thread and message him, For what you'd get from him, I bet the price would blow you away!!! Here's the link, Ford:

Here's another thread from another member who just bought one of WOLF's Bikerscout lids in kit form and he is WELL STOKED!:

Hope this helps you, Mate!
That finished Wolf helmet is amazing, and the skills it took to achieve the finished product from what was received deserves the highest praise.

Back on the subject of the Thread: The Rubies helmet is what I recommend to anyone who wants to get to 'trooping' as fast as possible. It is cost effective and accurate enough in scale and detail to get the nod of approval from 90% of those around you (as long as you're not in a crowd of RPF members). The helmet's main drawback comes from the manufacturers material of choice - Poly Vinyl - which is heavier than fiberglass or ABS buckets, and easily warps in the presence of heat (Do Not Leave in a Car on a warm day!). Most DP Scout helmets come out of the warehouse warped (I bought 2 pallets of them in '03), but a little hairdryer/heat gun attention will get it back in proper form fast. The good thing about a Rubies helmet is that you won't cry if it somehow finds itself bouncing across the ground when not on your noggin.
the LW TB helmet kits are so far the best fan made replica helmets, the size and proportions are nearly 98% accurate to the screen used helmet from ROTJ

Hoping to get one in the new year, also just scored an Altmans helmet which are pretty rare to get hold of these days but are still good if you can get one

here's mine no.148

also the DP Delux Scout Helmets are very rare as DP produced a limited quantity due to these not selling as well as the other products they had to offer.

In my collection I've got a original DP catalogue showing both the standard Delux Range which I'll try and dig out and post on here

Ages ago I got some information that Jez used on his web site about one of the DP Delux Scout Helmets
Don Post Biker Scout Helmets
Thanks guys!

The only reason I considered the Rubies in the first place was a severe lack of cash on my part. I'm on disability, so I have time to spend on fixing stuff, but not much money for materials. That Wolf helmet looks awesome, but I really doubt that I could afford one.

Due to the medical issues that landed me on disability I won't be in trooping shape for quite a while (if ever really) but I am trying to get a small helmet collection going just because I like them.

I have a DP Stormtrooper that I'm trying to get to a displayable standard if not a wearable one (it won't fit my head anyway), the regular DP Vader (looks ok sitting on a shelf) an Hasbro Vader that I got just for the chest box for a project I did for a friend of mine) two Hasbro Clone Helmets (lot of work, but I think they can be made to look pretty cool in the end) and of course my aforementioned DP TIE Pilot Helmet.

My current girlfriend refers to my living room as the "Nerd Museum". :D
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