RS Stormtrooper Prototype

Bobby Fett UK

Hey guys, just thought I would share these images here too. We had a friend of ours take some shots of one of the test suits we built a few weeks ago. It proved to be a valuable excersise as we identified some areas that needed looking at. We have since created new tools for the complete torso section which, as Brain Muir has previously told us, need more curvature. For reference this suit is an exact replica of the parts of Simon's, trimmed and built to the same size exactly. The guy wearing it is 6'1" and slim build, I need to stop eating so many pies :lol You can also see the replica belt and holster.

We are a little way off yet but I hope this shows us moving in the correct direction.







Best, Rob.
Wow....very nice, sharp pulls! All you need is some gaffer's tape on the back of the shins and you're all set! ;)

Is that ABS or gloss HIPS?
Fabulous!! :love
Even at this early stage it is everything I've ever wanted to see in a set of Stormtrooper armour ANH style.
Just look at that chest piece. Now that's what I'm talking about!!
The return edges look a little shallow/thin (particularly on the bells and the bottom of the chest piece) and the ab details are a little soft but none of that would prevent me buying a set right this minute if offered.
I think it is looking very nice! I agree about the torso needing to be curved more. When you correct it, I would look as some close generation ROTJ derived armor to judge the curve. Also make sure to leave the wonkiness in!
Excited about this.
I missed this as I don't usually frequent the costume forum. Anyway I think it looks superb guys. Your awsome. :love

I can´t wait to see these offered! Yo did some awesome work, guys!
PLEASE let me know as soon as the suits become available!
Great work, guys.

I'm curious as to whether you'll be offering these as complete suits or as runs of individual parts, allowing one to build the armor to completion?

Either way.. :thumbsup

Does all the armors parts originate from screen used ANH armor or did you have to make some from scratch?

AWESOME. Impressive as always Rob. Looks like i'll start saving now, YOU'RE KILLING ME WITH THESE, but it's a total "must have".....:thumbsup
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