RS Propmasters Stormtrooper build.


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I recently picked up this helmet from the guys at RS Propmasters , it's absolutely perfect in every detail, and prompted me to take the plunge and replace all my armour with the screen accurate Propmasters version .

So this arrived today !!

You certainly can't complain about the packing , a forest full of tissue paper and bubble wrap ( although I'm not sure bubble wrap comes from trees )


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It's certainly well packaged !

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Here's the unpacked bits

. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1440273511.758119.jpg

And the very professional fastening kit .

Everything about this armour is well thought out and well presented .

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To help save time, I've got my old FX suit out . It's already sized and fits me like a glove, so I will use it to help cut the new costume to fit me.
Theoretically the new suit should fit fairly well anyway , as I'm the correct height and weight for a classic stormtrooper .

Not wishing to jump on the Ainsworth bashing wagon , but this shot compares an Ainsworth " built form the original moulds" helmet with the RS " really cast from an actual helmet " one . They are totally different , once again proving that Ainsworth doesn't have real moulds .

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I had just two weeks from opening the box to my first event in the suit . If I hadn't given myself a deadline , it would have dragged on ....
First job was to cut a load of fixing strips in two widths , wide for legs, narrow for arms . I used a pair of small tin shears ( metalworking tools) as they trim plastic very well

Then I started building , I used superglue throughout the build . Here's an arm ...

And here it is : the REAL reason stormtroopers have an ammo box on the bottom of their tight thigh armour !

Remember , this armour is a recast of an original ANH suit ... Maybe Brian Moore was having a bad day when he sculpted the two half of the right thigh !

All the torso armour on the real suits were held together by very fiddly little wire hoops, with elastic wrapped through them . I decided on the non screen accurate route of strengthening the armour where the little bolts go through it , by glueing on small double thickness plates , as this photo shows. Hopefully no one will notice and mark me down !

There are plenty pictures of how the real suits were joined together out there on the Internet , so this is how the torso parts ended up

Yes , it's simple yet difficult , if you. Know what I mean !!!


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The whole build went together easily . The plastic that RS Propmasters use is a delight to work with , cuts clean and seems very robust .
First pic of the torso

Does my bum look big in this ??

Gilbert the cat showed a slight interest, but not much

This is the belt getting attached , it's made by Clothears Costumes in the UK and is an exact replica of the belt on the Simon suit .

Getting arm parts glued , trimming was simply an exercise in holding the half around the relevant body part , and marking with a biro, then trimming .

Legs getting there

And , I doubt anyone is really interested in my crotch ...but if they are , here it is !

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