RS Prop Masters Biggs Darklighter X-Wing Helmet

At a time when the licensed producers are constantly delaying release of "pre-order" replicas, I have to say its a very pleasant experience ordering and then receiving a replica prop on time!


So here's my latest acquisition, the RS Prop Masters Biggs X-Wing helmet, signed by ole Biggsy himself Garrick Hagon. And its a beauty!

Measurements suggests its pretty much 1:1 to the originals, so therefore slightly smaller than the oversize EFX Luke/Wedge Helmets (which are still great helmets btw - just overly large)


The detailing's great - with some sweet detailing - completely hand made/painted in Manchester. Plus it comes in a really nice pro package with stand, plaque etc.


..and a comparison with an original lid I had access to a number of years back...would be good to try and get one side by side at some point, but looking at measurements I have - it looks pretty much spot on.

So another really great helmet from the RS guys - extremely impressive. More info including more pics and comparisons on my site.




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Awesome! I have #039 and couldn't agree more. It's a beautiful helmet. I've been watching them like a hawk to try and snag a Wedge next time they're offered. I was so bummed I missed out on the first wave.


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Roll on Gold Leader...

Yes, and then I hope they will complete Red Squadron with Red Leader and Porkins. The RS team is great at every level, from being wonderful to work with customer relations-wise to producing stunning works of art.

Rob - if you're monitoring this, keep making them and I'll keep buying them... :)


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