RS ANH Stormtrooper & Sandtrooper coming up


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Hi there.
I got one RS ANH Stormtrooper, and one RS Sandtrooper kit here.
I will assemble the Sandtrooper first, and take some pics along the way.

Heres a few pics



A few detail shots:

I´m a busy dude, as a all most full time dad having a small child alone.
Work 5 days a week, got other hobbys, a fantastic girlfriend, friends and family etc.
So this will not be a super busy bee assemble, i will take my time, and enjoy the ride.

Troop on :thumbsup


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awesome set! I look forward to seeing your build updates. I can relate as I have 2 children, full time job and house repairs to do but taking my time building an R2-D2. Been on it for a year and a half but it looks like I might have him done by March... I hope to do a Trooper in the future! :thumbsup

Too Much Garlic

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Nice floors, but what are those white things blocking the view in every picture?

No, seriously... this is gonna be an awesome build.