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    Art Andrews



    Forum Leaders (Unlike moderators in the past, who's primary role was to enforce the Community Guidelines, a Forum Leader's primary role is to stimulate conversation within the forum(s) they oversee, help guide the threads in a more logical way, and to make sure threads are posted in the proper forums.)



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    My love of movies began at a young age going to the local movie theater with my older brothers. Small town rural America in the '60s was an ideal time for a kid to be drawn into the magic of movies on the "big screen". I found television quite captivating as well.

    I started collecting movie posters in the '80s, but I have always tried to limit myself to movies that not only meant something to me but also had a poster that was different from the usual "faces of the main characters" style.

    The next logical step in this movie madness was to create prop displays, and that is what ultimately brought me to the RPF. Finding other people that loved movies enough that they would want to make, collect and display props from those movies… man, I was in heaven. So much so, that after about six months of being a member I was so blown away by this community that I put together a contest. First prize was a Master Replicas Aliens motion tracker. As it turned out there was a tie for first place. So I gave away two of them, and I was more than happy to do it.

    In my time here I have tried to give back as much as I have received and I hope to be able to continue to do so.

    I would like to take this opportunity to mention someone that was a big part of my feeling welcome here. When I was new to the forum, Wayne (PropReplicator) took the time to answer questions and explain some of the subtleties of this community in a way that helped me keep things in perspective. Although he is no longer physically with us, his spirit (at least for me) will always be a part of the RPF.

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    Re: RPF Staff Members Bios

    My fascination of Star Wars brought me to the RPF just over a decade ago. Old timers will probably better remember me as “Brak’s Buddy” than by my real name.

    My main prop related interest centers around Boba Fett but also include sand troopers, Star Ship Troopers, western costumes (think Tombstone), and Aliens. In 2001 I started a series of threads that focused on the details of Boba Fett’s costume here on the RPF. Those threads eventually resulted in the creation of a “daughter board” to the RPF called As You Wish. That board eventually grew to become The Dented Helmet, which I still own and run. Without the RPF, The Dented Helmet would have never existed.

    Excluding The Dented Helmet, I am probably best known for pushing people to share information and not horde it as I believe we all stand on the shoulders of the pioneers who came before us and it is unlikely that we would know the things we do if those individuals didn’t share with us. I feel that we have an obligation to give back to the community and pass what we know on to the next generation.
    This desire to “give back” is what had motivated me to accept a position as moderator here at the RPF. If not for people like Nikki (Princess Nikidala), Cliff (M-Pire), Brandon (BAlinger15), Tom (TomSpinaDesigns), and Lonnie (rocketeer25), this board wouldn’t exist. They, along with dozens of others created the support structure for this thriving community and I feel an obligation to do my part since they have given so much to me.
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    Been a fan of movies, TV shows and comics since I was a little kid, but it was watching the Back to the Future movies much later in life when I was about 16 in 1997 that became a whole new obsession for me. My interest in the BTTF movies eventually went beyond the story, characters and time travel aspects of the film. With access to internet for the first time in 1999 and having come across the BTTF.com site and forum, I was able to learn more about the film making process and get more behind the scenes details of the BTTF trilogy including about the various scripts, cast and crew history, music, shooting locations, production design, props, costumes, merchandise and more.

    My BTTF obsession led to my bigger passion for movies and film making in general, including new fondness and insight into other movie props. Some where during the mid 2000s I became aware of the existence of RPF, but for many years I didn't get access to the forum as the registration was open only for a short while every year. Eventually while searching for info on Star Wars Lightsabers I once again came across RPF and finally got to be a member. Also it was a real treat to discover so many BTTF prop replicas being created and discussed on the RPF.

    And though my prop building skills and resources are limited, it's always a joy to visit the RPF and discover the works of our talented members who continue to inspire with their creations and knowledge of building things.

    Along with discussing movie props and costumes, it's great to have a common forum to share details and discuss movies/TV shows with members who are also passionate about them along the same lines. And I am glad I can contribute towards that in some ways for a better user experience on the Entertainment and Movie forum.
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    VilleLeskinen staff bio

    As a kid of the 80’s, I grew up watching a lot of cartoons (or infomercials). The ones I really loved were He-Man and TMNT. As my parents had bought me most of the MOTU figures I had wished for, when my TMNT fandom struck, they refused buy any more toys. So I made my own turtles from MOTU characters by adding shells on them and coloring some green. These were my first replicas, so to speak. I also had my first costuming experience as a friend of the family sew me a Turtle suit. I was a happy lark.

    As a teen I got into horror films and that made me want to start making my own movies. I made a few shorts with friends but it wasn’t until I went to film school years later that I realized this was what I wanted to do as a full time job. Well, it still isn’t one but I started a film company with 4 other people and our first and second short films should be out in the summer of 2014. So atleast I’m getting closer to that. My main role has been a production designer/prop maker but as with most indie filmmakers, I’ve done everything from lighting to camerawork on the shorts.

    I found the RPF while searching, believe it or not, Iron Man stuff! It was interesting to see that people were replicating the suits. And sharing all the information on how they did them. And that’s what has kept me coming back to the RPF daily; the information people are willing to share! I’ve learned so much here, so many techniques, which I’ve been able use on my job/hobby. I haven’t posted the stuff I’ve done as they’re not really replicas but I’m hoping to get more into replica building in the future. I am honored to be a member of the RPF staff and I hope I can someday contribute more to this amazing community!
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