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    So behind the scenes today i have been feverishly checking all the details and making sure its ok for me to give out the details for this awsome Colaboration between THE RPF and RS PROPMASTERS.

    The RPF and RS Propmasters were over in Ireland this weekend, The RPF on Official event reviews and the RS guys promoting their armour.

    Once back in England we all decided to take in another Event, a star wars Funday held every year at Burnley Football Club (soccer)

    While there we met up with Anthony Forest who as im sure you all know was the 'Move along Stormtrooper'
    Some of you may not know that Anthony Forest suffers from a Muscle Disorder and is also very active in supporting various charity causes
    Next Year he is about to take part in a massive charity event and i can exclusively reveal that the RPF, UK RPF and RS Propmasters are going to be getting heavily involved.

    Firstly RS PROPMASTERS will be building Anthony Forest and Complete set of Sandtrooper Armour and exact Replica of the 'Move Along Stormtrooper' and this will be built with Anthony in attendance at the RPF UK Prop Party in November finishing with the whole Project on the last day where we will get to see and document Anthony in a full Replica Suit.

    As mentioned above Anthony is heavily involved with the linked charity and next year he plans to walk from Denver to California in ....................yep Stormtrooper Armour.

    Anthony reckons it will take him close to 4 months to complete and hopes to raise awareness for the charity, raise lots of money and also include as many people as possible to accompany him along the route, picking up Local Garrisons etc etc very much Forest Gump style.

    The RS Propmasters will be supplying Anthony with sets of custom made armour that he will find easy to wear and walk in throughout the duration of his epic journey.

    If you would like to help in this Project both in the UK and the USA then please get in touch with me via PM and as more information comes in i will of course keep you all in the loop.

    This is very exciting news for us to be a part of this in the UK but as a whole the RPF is invited to the party

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    I FORGOT TO MENTION all the Suits worn by Anthony would be signed by RS PropMasters and Anthony Forest and auctioned off at the end of this epic Journey
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    Anthony is a great guy! I've talked with him at length before. Just a really cool cat.

    Awesome stuff Supa!

    Where's the vids? :)
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    They are coming soon but let me pre warn you ............ StarWars Chick i am definately not .......... :lol
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    This is awesome, PM coming!!!
    SO.Cal. Garrison!!!!!!!
    AL TK7752
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    Interesting news! Anthony's a good guy and I'll definitely be following his progress.

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