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Hey everyone. I currently begun working on my first ever EVA armor build, and ive decided to do it on one of (arguably) the most underrated shows in television; Rounghnecks: Startship troopers Chronicels. SST has been one of my favorite franchises ever and what better way i thought than making a costume from the show. There are and has been plenty of other cosplayers that have done the armor form the movie and while that armor is awesome i wanted something a bit more ambitious.

I have scoured the internet for templets and such for this build, but the searching hasnt yielded any results. So i did all of them free hand: measuring and guess work. I have just begun cutting out some of the EVA foam pieces. I will begin posting pictures tomorrow. Thanks!

looking forward to your progress! Loved this show when it was on; too bad they left it on such an awesome cliffhanger. I've got the DVD set so if you need any screencaps let me know. :thumbsup
It's about time someone else recognized the quality of this show!

I built a full costume for my son several Halloweens ago. To keep the weight down I used craft foam sheets for the armor. The helmet was sculpted over a cheap motocross helmet.

I had the same problem finding good pictures for reference, but I do have a collection I gathered from various sites. I'll see if I can post some pictures of the costume.

Thank guys for the help! I grew up watching the show, I even own some figures they made from the board game.

So i have all the templets (roughly) drawn out as well as a picture of some reference from the SST board game game manual. The 3rd attachment is the layered shoulder pad and the 4th is the arm guard. As it stands right now i think im going to need to make the arm guard a bit longer at the bottom. 4th is the start of the helmet. I plan on using copper pipe padding to get the shape of the front part of the helmet. I'n not 100% sure how i like the helmets progress thus far though :/
More updates as they come!



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The helmet is a bear to get right. Even though you know it was rendered and therefore consistently proportioned from all angles it keeps looking different and inconsistent from picture to picture.
I created an album and posted a few pictures of the costume I made for my son about 9 years ago when the DVDs were first coming out. I'll post more soon, but PM me in the mean time if you want copies of the images I used for reference.


Its been over a year and no update? I stopped because of school and not having much time for this project, btu i have since finished school and found my self (sadly) with more time to keep my mind of of things. I will be posting updates on this shortly.
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