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Alright, I am in need of some help.
I am looking to make a helmet from the game Titanfall 2, specifically Kane's helmet. I've considered working off other helmet files to get the general shape but it's just not working. I'm really not looking for a complex model just the general shape. All the straps, the minor grooves, screws, and holes will be done when I'm sculpting it out in Bondo. even the pieces on the top of the head are not really necessary, just the overall shape, the main armor plates, eyes, and headphones would do fantastically. Is there anyone who would be able to help me with this file or be able to recommend a way to purchase a file like that?

Attached are images of the helmet


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Also, I do not own those 3d models, they are done by this Artist:


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I can't get you a model of this particular thing, but I can recommend you take a look through what is available and see what's close. My first thought on looking at these images is "the front sure looks like the back of a head" - so I'd start looking for a skull pep, and move on from there. It may even work out as back of skull/midline/mirrored back of skull.

[EDIT: hey, found another near-miss: krazalid's post in The Noob Field Guide Pep Costuming thread has a file: "Games.rar" that has a Dead Space helmet that bears a lot of similarity to what you're looking for. Sorry to say it, but most of the file is a bunch of stuff either outside my interests or useless for my purposes, but if you keep looking, you may find what you need!]

I apologize if this is really no help. I'm going through something similar, looking for a MK VI Space Marine boot/shin and chest template. I pulled out the cyberman boot and shin as a "nearly, but not really", so I'm looking at things a little differently right now: catching shapes and forms and mix-and-matching.
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