ROTJ Vader fat lip. Fact or fiction?


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Does anyone have a clear pic of a fat-lipped Vader helmet in ROTJ?

Having focused my attentions on ANH and ESB Vaders in the past, I am surprised to find that good ROTJ reference is not overflowing.

Was there a fat lipped helmet at all, or was it just a misalignment of the reveal?
The fat lip is only due to that particular helmet being converted into one of the stunt helmets with the smoke tinted perspex neck.
In order to make the seam of the fiberglass align better with the perspex, the 'lip' was sanded/filled and a big flat spot was created resulting in what we call the 'fat lip'.
Another question, GINO you might be the man for this if you catch it. Did the ROTJ Vader have pointed tusks?
Gino, just wanted to ask about the ROTJ lip. What was the 'original' helmet shown in the extra on the SW OT DVD set. That shows a very clean, crisp lip, as seen in the dark scenes in the Emperors throne room. A definate triangle. Where did that come from?

Was this a different helmet cast from that stunt, a cleaned up ESB, or something else. When the light catches it, it is so sharp, so have a hard time buying that it's a trick of the light. There's a pretty sharp triangle on show there. IF it was the stunt helmet, why show it in close up when no stunt was being performed?

I am in no way trying to start a helmet war or a ful argument, as trust me, I know little compared to the experts, but am considering buying an ROTJ helmet, with the sharp lip, and would love that to be a true ROTJ. I just want to know the facts.

In short, I don't want to buy what is touted as an ROTJ, but is really just an ESB, which I already have.

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RotJ fat lip helmet = fact. I have a clear photo from the archives. Just as Gino said, it's the one with the lexan panels.
As someone mentioned wanting a ROTJ Vader, IMO only and that's all it is Michael/Gypsyboy makes the best and most accurate ROTJ Vader.

There is something different about the ROTJ. I have discussed and read about it everywhere but it is more than the things discussed. I have seen many "ROTJ" Vaders that just look like Empire.

Whatever it is Michael has captured it. Mine looks Like ROTJ, not Empire. He also has a great dome attatchment system and his price is real good.

IMO the trimmed unfinished version with the dome attatchment is the best buy. You can get raw cast and finished as well but the finish is not the reason to buy this helmet. That could be better.

I am only mentioning this as I was so happy with this helmet and is one of the few that can truly be called ROTJ.

I have no conection with him, just a happy customer.
Got a pic of the Gypsyboy ROTJ?

To my knowledge, the fat lip was a phenomenon found only on the screen ROTJ stunt. It was not a feature even on the ESB stunt.

ROTJ HERO (thin bottom lip):


STUNT (fat bottom lip):


Comparing ESB Stunt (thin bottom lip)

Gypsyboy's ROTJ as requested:

These are the pics he sent me. I tried to shoot mine but I need better light. I think the first one shows off the ROTJishness the best.




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