RotJ/TFA Falcon Targeting - Mini PC advice


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It looks like TFA Falcon uses the same Targeting Computer set up as RotJ, a slightly different style to the two used in ANH but along the same lines.

I was wondering if anyone has experience with mini pc or tiny games console hardware and can offer up some tips and tricks on what to use to run the targeting graphics. I don't know if the animation is actually part of a game or just a cg mock-up for TFA - I've not seen the film lol.


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When did we see the Targeting computer in ROTJ? I saw it in ANH & TFA only I think.
There was a whole slew of cut scenes from ROTJ with Rebel soldiers dressed in Endor gear at in the gunner stations during the final space battle. Since the ANH gunner set was destroyed after ANH was filmed a new set was built for ROTJ.


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I meant in the context of the actual film.
A good question, which leads me to wonder what did the TFA builders use for reference? As the RotJ quad scenes didn't make the final cut, would this change still be considered viable canon for TFA set? The general timeline would suggest 'yup' but screentime says 'nope'. Couple that with the RotJ quad controls, which are very different to the ANH but in TFA we see a return to the ANH style controls.... It gets a little bit confusing, for my one working brain cell that is. Perhaps right AND wrong can exist in a greeblie entanglement.

That, or, they just bought the wrong parts lol.


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I would use something like a raspberry pi or ardruino. You'll have the write the code
That's got to be the starting point for processing, they should be able to run the dozen or so other retro SW games too.

Also trying to work out what they used as a monitor.


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Related question...does anyone know the manufacturer name/model of the real-world slide viewers that were used as the basis of the Falcon's targeting computers in ANH? These were identified a couple years ago, IIRC, but I've searched the RPF and the web and can't find the info anywhere.

Thanks - and sorry for the slight hijack!