ROTJ Luke Hero and V2 plans.

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by _Lee_, Feb 10, 2006.

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    Does anyone know where i can get accurate plans/dimensions for both the Luke ROTJ Hero and V2 lightsabers? I have just been offered the chance to have them both made for me by a guy i work with who is due to retire in 6 months time.He as a lathe and milling machine in his garage at home and he has offered to do exact copies for me :D He is a very skilled machinist so i dont want to miss this oppurtunity.

    I would really appreciate any advice of where i can get hold of these plans.


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    I would like these plans as well. Looking for INCHES specifically.
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    How much does the average machinist charge for making one of these? Or better yet, how do you convince the average machinist to make one of these?
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    The price varies widely, and so does the workmanship, depending on where you go and how big is the shop. When you DO manage to convince a machinist to make a lightsaber for you, you would probably have to make a dozen or so to keep the cost of each piece affordable, due to the set up and material costs involved.
    Also try not to tell the machinist exactly what it is(yeah I know its difficult), or else you risk having his price skyrocket, unless he's a real honest kind of fella.

    I did a run of the V2 for a group of scummers and now the machinist refuse to make more saying he misquoted me for the first batch and the price should really be almost double of what I paid. Here's the thing: he didn't insist I pay for the difference for the first batch, saying that he's willing to absorb the cost because its his mistake; however, if I wanted more made I'd have to pay his new price. Really nice guy, or opportunist? You be the judge...
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    There's lots of places that can draft up professional blueprints, but I can say from first hand experience that you don't go to a local machine shop if you want a star wars prop made. If it's a saber, I'd recommend asking one of the prop board machinists here that has made the item before. Your average non-sw fan machinist won't have the same appreciation for the subject matter or "sweat the details" as much.

    I'd suggest starting a "Need a saber machinist" thread.

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    If you want to convert mm to inches, just divide the measurement in mm by 25.4. As an example, you have something that is 12mm long. 12 divided by 25.4 is 0.472". Ok, so you don't get eighths and sixteenths and everything, but I'd imagine there will be some other conversion out there, if machinists won't work with decimal measurements?

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