Done / Completed ROTJ Boushh Helmet Part - Machined Aluminum - Done


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I'm going to machine one of these this weekend for a friend and thought I would put this out there to see if anyone else was interested.

Update 1/31/21: The price will be $45 shipped for one antenna.

Prototype Photos:
Boushh Antenna 2.JPG Boushh Antenna 1.JPG

The length of the part is based the depth of the large antenna cylinder which is just under 1/2". If the depth of your cylinder is less (i.e. 1/4") just let me know and I can adjust the length, which won't be much.
To install, just use a 5/16" drill bit to drill a hole at the center of your cylinder.

If you're interested, please post a reply with the number of parts needed. Thanks. :)


1. CE (Done)
2. TatooineMachine (Paid 2/1 - shipped 2/2)
3. Ecoli (Paid 2/2 - shipped 2/3)
4. Theningyo (Paid/Shipped 2/5)
5. Spare
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I’m in for one too ! Question are you planning to make it long enough to go through the antennae body or?
Do you have an estimate on cost for the machining?
Yes, the final cost is $45 shipped for one antenna. Please see my original post for photos of the prototype.

If every one is still interested in purchasing an antenna, just let me know. My lathe is all set up, so I can get started on these as early at tomorrow. Thanks.

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