Rose City Comic Con movie discussion panel with Walter Koenig

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    Hi, all!

    I'll be joining the director, producer, other artists, and our special guest star Walter Koenig to introduce a sneak-preview of the upcoming feature Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time.

    We will be discussing puppet building, practical effects, mold making, indoor forest set construction, hand-to-hand combat with rubber goblins, and the state of independent genre movie-making in Portland. And I shall ponder the irony of being a spaceship modeler who didn't actually build any models this time. Anyone in PDX who is interested should come see us in room 2, 5:30pm, Saturday, 9/19, at Rose City Comic Con.

    I hope to see some RPF members there!
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    I'll be attending but I'm with some other folks so not sure if I'll make the panel. Have fun and I hope all goes well if I don't make it!

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