Ronon the Barbarian


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Am I the only one seeing the same moves, voice and attitude as the zero useful guy in Stargate Atlantis?

"A somewhat less than useful Chewbacca"

I am going to have a hard time with this new Conan.
I'm not feeling it either. It's not so much the look but the voice and moves. He'd been better as Kull than Conan. There has to be totally ripped bodybuilders who look more the part and can act.
I want to like this... but every clip I've seen, I just don't think "Conan the Barbarian." I don't think it's even Momoa that's giving me a problem. I think I can deal with that.

I have the distinct feeling it's just going to be another effort at making a movie "epic" by way of a CGI crapfest.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to quickly rip on the use of CGI because used well, it's incredible... even used half-well, it can do some cool stuff... but these days everything has to be beyond "epic" and so you've got to have massive CGI armies, CGI fleets of ships, CGI monsters, CGI cities, CGI weather... and none of it lends to a good story and often distracts from the plausibility of what little story they've got.

I recently rewatched the Arnold movie (the first one at least) and I still like it, rubber snakes and all. Can't say the same about Conan the Destroyer but what's new?

I'm going to try to give this new film the benefit of the doubt despite my strong misgivings but so far, I'm underwhelmed.
Apparently I had a completely different experience with Atlantis than you all did. I think Momoa is totally bad*ss, and can't wait to see him as Conan.

In Game of Thrones he was totally believable as a tribal warlord, and I felt like that role was really just prepwork for Conan. I feel like it's way more realistic for Conan to be a jacked up brown guy than a pasty Austrian bodybuilder. Muscles created by combat and combat training are much different than muscles built in a gym, and I think Momoa's size is perfect for the part.
You can't blame an actor for PLAYING THE ROLE AS WRITTEN. He Played Ronin exactly as the character was supposed to be. When everything you love is gone, and you are reduced to living like a hunted animal, well, gee, it kinda affects you. As stated, in Game of Thrones he not only had to act, but had to deliver in a made up language, he did.

When Khal Drogo was reduced to a vegetable, I was very saddened, and he conveyed being a lifeless husk incredibly well. Acting like a vegetable is not as easy as it sounds, try laying still, not moving, blinking, your breathing try it for hours. I Love Arnie's Conan, but am really looking forward to this since it will be the book Conan instead. Who knows, maybe we'll get a Groo movie some day.
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