Ronin Warriors- Armor of Inferno

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forums and this is my first every build. I'm gonna attempt to make Armor of inferno (white armor) from the anime show Ronin Warriors for a halloween costume. Please don't be to harsh on me because I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to arts and crafts. Here are some reference pics of the armor.




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So I'm pretty much using EVA foam for this build, but I'm using a more thicker type yet still flexible.

I pretty much gonna start from bottom to top. Started of with the boots thinking this was gonna be simple.........It wasn't

First time I made them they came out way to big like giant robot feet


Side View


Than I trimmed it down and also the flaps from the top and it look a lot better


So than I made spikes using foam sheets from hobby lobby and painted the boots white which looks pretty good


Side View


I needs a little touch up and I'll fix it later on


Now I'm working on the shin parts
Man, I am a HUGE fan of ronin warriors, loved it. I am interested to see how this turns out, so far though its look good keep up the good work bro.
Re: Ronin Warriors- Armor of Inferno- Shine & Knee done

Ok so I thought the shin part wouldn't be so hard..... again I was wrong ( I hate when that happens

So I started with a good shape but the side pieces where to small and I held it up with duct type just to see how it looks and it was..... eh





Than I resized it again and did a little more reshaping and it went well



I painted it and added spikes.... I like it :)



Oh and I also did the Knees as well



on the sides I know that there still some painting to do and I will just trying to get everything done and than I'll fix it up especially the gluing on the sides its starting to come off. To attach everything I'm gonna go with velcro

Now I'm gonna work on the mid section and once thats finished I'm gonna make a full pic of everything I've done so far.
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