Ronan the Accuser Hammer


After watching the Guardians of the Galaxy, I thought I'd draw up Ronan's hammer.

A big fan of it, I'm not sure yet if I'll take it right through to production, but we shall see.


I was using the pics to estimate the size, I originally estimate at around 1.6m with a head length of 35cm...I shortened the handle so the entire length would be 1.4m..

Ronan Hammer 1.jpg
Ronan Hammer 2.jpg
Ronan Hammer 3.jpg
Ronan Hammer 4.jpg

I was thinking if I were to make it, I would mold it using poly resin for strength & cold cast with different grains of aluminium...


Doing some more calculations, I'd anticipate this hammer to weigh anywhere between from 6-7.5kg's (13-16 pounds).
For the head I think I'd hollow out a section of the hammer head to save weight but keep the wall thickness around 20-30mm so it still feels solid. This would save some weight but if I cold cast, the weight of the powders/grains would add some weight back.

For the handle I think I'd go with a solid Tassie Oak dowel through the middle to add strength to both the handle & the connection to the head.
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