Romulan Bird of Prey Refit Concept


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Right to it then. Earlier while engaged in a playing of Star Trek Online, an idea was formed. An idea of how the BOP would have looked if it were refit for TMP.

So I started to think and this is what I came up with.
My modifications are in red.

View attachment 86842

Basically, a Bird of Prey with subtle fins. Also, as I might add, the blueprints, you can see how there is a beveled edge to the hull. My design would smooth this bevel to allow for a more streamlined appearance.

This is just some typical late night musings and ramblings, however, please feel free to add some insight and comment.




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Figured I would reply on this, since it seems my thread has been made redundant by this excellent design

Yes, I am late to the party on this.


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The designs look great!

If I may offer some suggestions... make the nacelles rectangular shaped similar to the nacelles of the new Enterprise. Add some "armor plating" similar to the Klingon ships in TMP. Maybe add some sharper angles too?

Otherwise it look awesome!