RomanProps: STEEL IS REAL V2


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Hey Gang, so Roman has announced his Steel V2. Since its Steel and not aluminum i don't want anyone confused on weathering tips and tricks in my other threads, so Im starting this STEEL IS REAL thread now. here are some photos from facebook, and Rudys run thread.




Don't have much info as of yet, but He posted a few pictures. Rudy is also doing one of his amazing crystal chambers for it! and has the run up live now!

I will eventually convert these first 3 pages into a aging tutorial, but for now we can discuss anything about it now in here

Thankfully I’ve fooled around with a lot of aging chemicals, and my wheels are already turning on what to use on this! thankfully it’s already on the shelf in the shed!! Can’t wait to see the outcome!

What we know so far

- all steel construction
- FX compatible
- roman makes his own lever and cone knob for it
- Rudy has a Crystal chamber for it
- looks like the 3d printed chassis for Romans MK1 will fit the V2 with little modification

***we haven’t seen Romans nipple yet :

Pommel pics coming soon!
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While I love it, my V2 isn't as accurate as I'd like (some misaligned stencils, mostly). I was planning to pick up an RPK to give it a second shot, but now I think I'm going to have to go with a Roman's. Just can't say no to that steel!


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My Anakin Starkiller V2s are my favorite sabers, but a heavy steel version would be epic. I can't wait for this thread to take shape.


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Steel helps add strength and heft to an otherwise lightweight and mostly hollow aluminum body, since this particular hilt is geared for FX, would be my assumption.


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Ok, the search for a Luke Skywalker lightsaber for me is finally over with a Roman "steel" v2!!!

I would like a chamber as well! Is there a sign up for the saber or will that just be available on Roman's website? I also would like one of the Rudy Chambers...

I'm not as familiar with this website as TRA or FX. So if someone would be fond enough to help me out and point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it