Interest Romancing The Stone - "Emerald" & "Map"!!! NEW RUN!!!


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~ Romancing The Stone ~

"Emerald" & "Map"

It's been a while since I offered these and thought some of the new guys might want to add this to their collection, or maybe those who missed out on the last run would like another chance!

The Emerald “El Corazon” was hand-carved out of real green crystal.
It is the most accurate replica of the emerald that you will ever see available and has a really nice weight to it.

The “El Corazon” Treasure Map was made using thick high-grade artist paper.
It measures 12 x 16 inches, and aged to match the original from the film!

The original prop, as well as the screen captures were used in creating this using the grid method to copy every inch down to the very detail to be exact as the original. Every technique used to make the original prop was also used to make this one. Even the burned edges are exactly the same.

Price: (Does NOT include shipping!)

Emerald - $90
Map - $60
Whole Set - $135

Interest List:

1. IndyIndiana
2. DaBuild
3. merowinger13
4. bshumakr
5. OliverQueenIND
6. Nightfall
7. jwalley087
8. csk27
9. Gygax
10. Rupidupe
11. birdybird77
12. therooster
13. Jaydyn
14. the Pawn
15. indylead
16. Helixios
17. DutchNibbles
19. nikkijo618
20. propmainiac

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Put me on the list !


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Factory just told they're finished carving and polishing the Emeralds and are preparing them for shipment!

These are being shipped by boat from China... So, cross your fingers that they'll be here soon! :cool:(y)

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