Romana's Sonic screwdriver Looking for Info Measurements


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Responded. :)

I texted him and RogueScout doesn't mind if you get one made based off the pictures of his work as long as he gets credited with the basis of the design. He spent a lot of time researching it before he made his short run of them many, many years ago.


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Is that Sonic static or does it retract like the Baker style? I have never really noticed that sonic until I saw your, now I want one :lol:lol:lol.

Which episode did that pop up in. I remember seeing it but can not remember the episode.


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The Doctor's Time Lady companion Romana constructed a sonic screwdriver of her own similar to the Doctor's, first seen during the City of Death. Later on we saw that it was smaller and sleeker than the Doctor's, and he was sufficiently impressed with her design that he attempted (unsuccessfully) to swap screwdrivers with her in Horns of Nimon.

Thanks I just went looking for it :lol:lol:lol

I do not remeber seeing it in City of Death, I will have to re-watch that tonight.


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Found this one:


From here:

Sonic Screwdriver Through The Years
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