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Roman’s MK1 & KR Hero (price drop)

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Hey gang,

I’ve got a couple of unique hilts up for sale here. The first one is a Roman’s MK1 weathered FX kit. Specs are:
- Upgraded chrome sink knob with AS cover plate
- Upgraded wind vane from CWood Replicas, with accurate stamping
- Vintage Graflex clamp
- Rudy Pando CC
- Shtok 3D printed CC details
- I’ll include a tiny amount of sand from the shooting locations of The Lars Homestead and Mos Espa. This is only on request since I have so little of it. It was given to me by a freelance photographer for NatGeo who traveled to Tunisia. (He provided me with video proof that the sand is really from the aforementioned locations.) Typically I like to weather my CC’s with in-universe sediment for more accuracy and just to have a fun story to tell with the piece.
- I’ll also include a fragment of bone from the “Krayt Dragon” skeletal prop used in “A New Hope.” The bone is pictured in the photo (I obtained it from Tiny Museum and it’s certified.) This can be used for weathering as well.
- Aqua Aura double terminated quartz crystal. I’ll include it incase you want to switch out Rudy’s crystal.

*Note, I won’t provide all of the sediment and “bone” in the photo. Just a small amount - enough to stick to the CC with hairspray or adhesive.

Price: $875 + shipping

Ok! Next up, I’ve got a beautiful KR Hero that’s never been installed. I got this secondhand a number of years back. Just like the MK1, I’ll include a little bit of sand from the “Jabbas Sail Barge” set in Death Valley if requested.

Price: $250 + shipping

Do not click buy now! DM if interested. Im happy to provide more pictures/information.


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Price drop and bump!

KR Hero: $200 + shipping + PP fees
MK1: $775 + shipping + PP fees

...seriously, nobody?! lol i'm taking a BATH on these hilts. What's a KR Hero worth these days, 40 bucks?

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