Rollerball costume... 30+ years in the making!


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Hey everyone,

Just a quick opening to my finished (almost!) Jonathan E costume from Rollerball 1975 (not the horrific remake!). Yes it has taken me over 30 years to amass although I actually put it altogether over the course of a month or so this year to meet the man himself James Caan! Anyway, heres some pics of the finished costume, i'll add comments later as to why it's not quite finished ( although I do have everything to finish a 100% accurate costume) i'd say 90% done but i'm really happy with it, especially when Meatloaf himself came over to me whilst waiting in the queue for James' autograph and told me how awesome my costume was and how James will really appreciate it! :D
37918583_10217101897967474_8627913574754287616_o.jpg 37873303_433399420401829_2390175456574832640_o.jpg 38030630_10155379057507443_3965843561265496064_o.jpg 37860267_10155372248892443_1167270015385206784_o.jpg 38133400_10155381979917443_2848148936038809600_o.jpg 37736490_10155368109317443_3238570843453784064_o.jpg 37652702_10155359916872443_6199522255093891072_o.jpg

Thanks for looking, Paul :)


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One of my favourite costumes.Always wanted to try to do that, but couldn't even crack the helmet [let alone my COMPLETE inability to skate].
I am in AWE of this, you Diamond Geezer.
Respect is due, love it.
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