Roller Derby Harley Quinn pads


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Hi all,

I'm having some problems picturing how to make Harley's shoulder pads for her Roller Derby costume (I hope I've attached the image ok!)... I'm imagining them as a shiny surface & slightly padded. I'm more a costume maker than a prop maker but with enough info & imagination I can give props a go! Any help on how to make or even links of where to buy (I'm not proud!) would be greatly appreciated.



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Well, I can tell you that as a martial artist I have never seen pauldrons or shoulder pads if you prefer. Plus since you don't need them for actual protection you could just free hand them out of several layers of foam then treat them with plasti-dip or something. I haven't done much with foam armor, but I'm sure someone here could help. Best of luck!


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for rollerderby you usually wear some heavy padded knee pads, but they are still a little bit expensive. If you buy second hand, you could just smooth the surface of the pad (it goes to hell rather quickly) and paint them.

I used my old roller derby knee pads for my winter soldier cosplay.
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