Rogue Trooper Helm - Best option for 3D print?


New Member
Hello, I would like to make (well, print and paint) Helm, 2000AD’s Rogue Trooper‘s headwear of choice. The best one I’ve seen seems to be the Planet Replica’s version, but it was limited run and long gone. There are two 3D models I’ve found, one free and one not, but neither are as good (the paid one looks far too textured, and the free one is modelled off a later version of the character I think). Does anyone know of any other resources to base this off? My 3D modelling skills are non existent so extensive modding isn’t really an option for me. I know Planet Replicas is basically mothballed now, but did they ever release their Helm as a model? Bonus pic attached of Duncan Jones wearing one. Many thanks in advance!

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