Rogue One - Lyra Erso Blaster


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I haven't seen much reference or fan makes of this Blaster from Rogue One, It's the Blaster that Lyra has in the Opening Scene, it's never really seen clearly but thanks to Phil Szostak who posted Concept Art of it on Twitter it's an Oversized version of the EC-17 Blaster used by Scout Troopers in ROTJ. looking at screencaps it looks like it was essentially unchanged from concept to prop except for the front barrel and maybe the part where the handguard connects to the main body.


Is there anyone who has made this or plans to in the future?

E Williams

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That concept art is great, thanks for posting it!

This blaster was also used in Solo by Val and the Patrol Troopers, but there’s barely any info on it. The only clear photo I’ve seen is from the databank entry in the last post here:


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