Rogue One - Edrio Two-Tubes


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000241030EW.jpg heres another ref pic


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Thanks Guys!
I hope to print this eventually and do some limited runs after I've gained some experience molding & casting. I still have yet to do this with my Ithano helmet, which is more or less ready (it's just quite an investment for me right now). I'll be looking to acquire a printer some time in the new year and will update here with further progress.

Just got home from the film - i'm still no closer at the moment at figuring out the assembly on the back. The closest I can figure is it's somewhat of an homage to the back of C3PO's head? It has more sticking out though.

Here is where I'm at now - I got here independant of any reference of C3PO.
Edrio-WIP-10.jpg Edrio-WIP-11.png

I have the DK Visual Guide on order - it should arrive some time this or next week. I really hope there is something clearer; the one shot of the back of his head is rather low contrast.


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The two appear functionally similar, with the key difference being the jacket and chest piece - Edrio wears the jacket, Benthic wears the chest-piece.


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These guys were a standout design for me too!

Following this with interest!

Dumb question: were these guys wearing helmets, or was the top part of their "head" skin or something?


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I've been staring at those pics all the while modelling it and i still couldn't honestly tell you. There are parts of the forehead that are bolted on and shapes that look more 'regular', like panelling, yet those same organic areas also have some asymetry to them. If organic, I imagine the tops of their heads may be chitinous, like shellfish?

Anyhow, here's some further progress:
I'm getting to the stage where changes are getting to be a lot smaller, a lot more subtle. I spent some time getting the angles and proportions a bit more accurate and have started adding in smaller details around the eyes. The model is still largely mirrored, so I want to get all the main symmetrical details down before proceeding with the asymmetric details. The cheekbones are a bit more rounded, i've started adding the little 'straps' that come off the mask (although they should be more of a boney material, NOT the dark metal pictured here). I moved the entire top part down a bit and moved the eyes up a bit to better match the overall placement of the ears. I'm not going to model in the downward tilt of the ear greeblies - from what I can tell, those pieces are part of a leather cowl worn underneath and they may well sit tilted on their own.
I have not yet corrected the height of the piece that sits on the back of the head, but this should give you an idea of where I'm sitting silhouette-wise.

I can see i have a slight symmetry problem with this back view, which will be pretty simple to fix, provided I remember to do so.

And here's where I'm at with the ear greeblies currently.

As far as printing - Predatormv: Thanks for the offer! I am currently looking forward to a change of residence within the next month or so, and do have a printer on order, hopefully arriving some time in March. I'm not sure whether I'll have something printable by the time i'm all settled in, but if things fall through, I know who to talk to :)
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Hi, I want to share with you my progress. I'm nearly done with the form, After 3d printing I will add texture and more organic detalis using some clay. I must search some little grebblies for his ears and back of his head. Let me know what you think about my form ;)

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One of the set photographers that worked on Rogue One posted this shot on Instagram and I thought it might help. His name is Alex Benetel and the Instagram account is deltalex.



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I've just got my parachute buckle for the chest of Benthic (or Edrio - whichever one wear the jacket and backpack).

For anyone that's interested the correct parts appears to be Part Number: 68D 37721-3 ( and PART NO. PS 27765 (

I was unable to find an exact match in the UK, although the clip part looks almost identical, just with a slightly different connection to the webbing strap. Apparently the exact part number has not been that popular in the UK for the last 25 years. (I had to settle on Ms22017).

Benthic chest buckle
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I've found the scarf. It's a normal army net scarf. You can find them in most army surplus shops ;-) Just make shure you but the correct pattern and color :)

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If I may, I'd like to call a timeout here for a second because I'm a bit confused...
inkblot , are you now elilay?

If not, elilay , I think proper etiquette would be for you to start your own Edrio Two-Tubes thread. Especially since inkblot has already expressed interest in doing his own run of these helmets; you really shouldn't be offering yours in his thread.

I only mention this because in other forums where individuals are creating similar objects with intent to sell them, it is a terribly 'faux pas' move to post your item in someone elses thread.

If you guys are collaborating on this project, please disregard the above, I just don't see any mention of the joining of forces by either party.
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Hi, just to clarify, no, I am not elilay and beyond participation in the FB Edrio Two-tubes group, I have not been collaborating directly with anyone.

Just as an update, I have been pretty occupied settling in at my new place and am looking forward to delivery of my printer March/April, so I haven't had the opportunity to move forward on this much.
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