Rogue One: Diego Luna/Captain Cassian Andor Costume Research

So I'm going to make a valiant attempt at building Captain Andor's outfit for the release of the movie and I thought I'd start collecting ideas/photos/research now about it. Below are the photos I've accrued from the meager shots we have at the moment:

Aiming to do this outfit:

Coat: No idea where to begin with this, has a listing for the Andor coat, but I'm wary since they only have shots from the trailer.

Shirt: As has been previously reported elsewhere, the shirt style is very similar to the Han ESB shirt, though in more of a tan rather than white. Suggestions on patterns/templates/sources?
Thinking about just getting the cotton twill version from here, since Magnoli's got color options ^^

Pants: Cargo pants? Though definitely not standard cargo pant material, also, from the shots, it looks like the lower leg pockets are fairly thin.

Boots: Boots were on display at the celebration, but all the photos I've seen of them basically show me that they're boots, with some form of leather spats with a fancy buckle on it.

Gun: Looks like at least the basis of this has already been hammered down here, of course, it's just working out the modifications to make it

Belt: Looks to be a tan/brown British PLCE webbing belt flipped inside out with the rolling pin buckle (thanks, lonepigeon!)

Looking for suggestions, best ideas, where to move from here, newbie to the whole costume building shenanigans :D

Imgur album with plethora of research photos

Edit (8/16):
Belt added, shirt options added, theories regarding cargo pants
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The pants belt looks like a British PLCE webbing belt. Maybe flipped inside out. You can check the Poe Dameron thread since he has a similar one with his flight suit.
Wow, no kidding, that looks spot on :D, the challenge then becomes the belt buckle ^^, and adding in the little "bullet" greeblies

Thanks! :)

Edit: or I could look a little bit further in my google search and realise it's the PLCE Webbing belt with the roll pin buckle and it's pretty much spot on.
If you want to commission the jacket, shoot me an e-mail and we'll sort out your measurements and start collecting photos. As soon as I'm happy we've got enough to go on, we'll get the jacket done ASAP so you can have it before the release.
If you want to commission the jacket, shoot me an e-mail and we'll sort out your measurements and start collecting photos. As soon as I'm happy we've got enough to go on, we'll get the jacket done ASAP so you can have it before the release.
I'm definitely interested. Though I will have to wait for my finances to stabilise a bit more first.
I'm also working on a Cassian costume, here's my no-budget version: i used an old tan cotton jacket, sewed on some pieces from an old pair of tan khakis, and dyed the whole thing brown. Still need to stripe the sleeves.


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I have been prepping this build for a few months now and will likely start to turn my full attention to it as the premier date approaches. One thing that I noticed in the the jacket is that is pretty much the one worn by Jyn minus the darts beneath the chest pockets. The jacket also looks to have rectangular chest pockets with mitered lower inside corners. The left pocket has a pointed flap and the right has a pencil pocket. The jacket also appears to have mock molle strips on either side of the zipper, a greeblie window on the left side and vertical stitching detail on the upper left breast and shoulders. It has a squared mandarin collar and waistband with horizontal stitching detail. The sleeves look to have yellow bloodstripes and coffus with horizontal stitching. I have heard that the blood stripes are printed rather than embroidered. I am unsure on that detail.

I will likely use this pattern as a basis.


I have used it for a lot of star wars jackets and think it works pretty well.

He wears at least three pairs of pants in the film as far as I can tell from the trailers and promotional photos.

1) Stylized fatigue khakis (theses seem to be paired with the jacket most frequently): They appear to be a cotton drill with pin-tucks and fatigue pockets. They appear to have a narrow cargo pocket on the left side (have not seen a clear enough photo to determine if there is one on the left hand side. They also appear ro have an elastic gather at the ankle.

2) Cargo pants ( these are paired with the parka, and have been on display): These may be insulated. They have side square cargo pockets, Knee pads and ribbed detail behind the knees.

3) Uniform pants (Cassain appears to be wearing Imperial officer uniform pants and boots at some point)

The shirt looks to be an ESB Han Solo Style shirt but in a natural material, looks almost linen. Magnoli makes the best (I own two). I will attempt to make my own using this pattern


The belt is definitely a PLCE turned inside out belt with a Roll Pin Buckle, similar to the TFA pilots. The parka version has the detailed buckle.

The boots are a stylized combat boot with modified closures over the laces. Not sure s to the source of the decorative latch, but it looks like a snow boot latch. I can't quite tell if it is black or brown.

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