Rogue One: Chirrut costume parts ID?


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Parts of SW has done a fantastic job ID's the main body of the device hanging from Chirrut's bandolier, but I was wondering if anyone recognises the slotted boxes just above it?

There's some kind of logo (HR or MR?) with writing underneath, but I can't quite make it out. Perhaps some kind of car air freshener or toilet freshener holder?



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Great closeups! I've been trying to figure those out since I found the camera.
They're pretty small. Only about 2 inches wide (or rather tall figuring orientation from the logo).

Some more updates coming to the Parts of Star Wars Facebook page soon...


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Whilst the above parts have been identified, I’m bumping this as I’m trying to identify the 2 parts in the middle:

I thought the top one could be a cabinet modesty block but for the lack of the hole on the front, but it could have been filled and cast.

The bottom one I’m not sure on.

I think they may have been identified already but I couldn’t find the info.

I’d really appreciate this info as I have all the other parts.
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