Rogue II announcement!

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As much of a joke as this is, if they actually did a parody like this, the Deadpool of Star War movies would be funny
While it would be pretty funny to see, I'm not sure that enough Star Wars fans have enough of a sense of humor, at least where Star Wars is concerned, to accept it for what it is and not tear it apart.
Zucker Zucker Abrahams Stars Wars, where they *intentionally* tried to be funny.

Vader: The Rebels have found a weakness in the Death Star

Grand Moff: Surely, you must be kidding

Vader, no, I'm serious. And stop calling me Shirley.


Obiwan: this is your father's universal remote control. *hands device to Luke*

Luke: whoa! *points at tv, at cable box* This changes everything!


Manny Bothans: *to cheering crowd* And I will increase my use of the word "mucho", because it means "alot" to me!

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