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Well... it took me less than a month, which is pretty damn good time considering how long I spent on the Bad Blood. I didn't do anything too radically different on this one, except I used enamel based paints a bit, particularly the armor and the leather. I'd recommend them to anyone! I'm pretty happy with the build overall, except I think I'm going to give the "inner dot" thing a rest for a while, and maybe do something more like stripes in my next piece, the next piece being the Hellbreed. Alternative Hunter will be as movie accurate as I can manage to get it. Which really just means I'll be trying to get it as close to Joe D's piece as possible, lol

I spent a lot of time on the skin on this piece, adding in layers of veins and spending extra time mottling the overall piece. Hopefully it turned out ok. Let me know what you think!

Any and all questions, and ESPECIALLY criticisms, leave em here or shoot me a message.

As usual, you'll have to check out my Flickr page because I've met my limit for this site. If you want to see a higher res pic, click the magnifying glass icon above any pic, then click "See all sizes," or something like that. Thanks again, guys.

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This is one of the best, if not the best paint up of this model I've seen. The skin colors and patterns are unique, the armor effects are incredible, it all comes together very well. I'm a big fan of it and I'm jealous of your skills.

This is me when I saw the finished piece:


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