Rodian mask attempt 2

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I do thank everyone who helped me with the last attempt, however I unfortunately can't afford most of the custom mask. Anyway I had a question about latex is hardware store latex save for mask making? I tried some latex from a local costume store but it did not work very well anyone know what kind of latex to use for mask making?


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please define "hardware store latex".

and...why exactly did the costume store latex not work?
the old school way was to make a plaster mold of your sculpture first then build up layers of latex on the inside of said mold.
did you try to just put latex directly on the sculpt?
if so, there lies your problem.

an aside-i'm hoping you keep plugging away at it and learn from the previous failure. fail a few more times and you can call it "experience".
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Mad Monty

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Thank you for the advice, I must have been missed informed. I am new at this, so forgive me for sounding like a idiot. What would be the best latex to pour in the mold?


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i'm not much of a mask maker i just know a few basics. i would advise hanging out in the Sculpture and Makeup Effects section of this site.
peruse the many threads on the subject there. they would know far more than i would.

i got a gallon can of Mold-It somebody gave to me i experiment with from time to time. it's liquid latex rubber. says on the can to let it sit in the mold for a time or slosh it around in there untill a thickness builds up then pour the unused excess out back in your can. it suggests a coating of shellac or spray sealant on the pourous inside of the plaster mold. it also says to bake in the oven real low no more than 130 degrees f until the rubber cures. dust the inside with talc when done so the insides don't stick together when you pull it out the mold. them's the basics but i would get several more opinions on the matter.
what i described was just the quick, cheap, dirty oldschool way.
...and in no way was my advice complete.
good luck and get thee to the other parts of the forum.
don't burn the house down!
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