Rodian / Greedo mask fail

Mad Monty

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Well my project.....failed miserably. Now since this failure, I am on the search for a Greedo mask by Don Post, Rubies, or some one that could do a better job than me. I hope you all can help.


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check out troy from this website, you'll have to email him through the contact button. be warned though, he's not a full time mask maker. he's a special effects artist and does the masks on the side as custom order. i've got his mon calamari mask i wear as part of a jedi costume for conventions and i couldn't be happier with his work. he's already got a rodian mold he made for "fun"


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I'd not bother with a Don Post if I were you. I had one that melted within about 5 years of new purchase. Horribly thin rubber.


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How did your mask fail? I can't really tell from the picture, but did you try covering your sculpt in latex rubber rather than molding it in stone? Just curious.