Rocky Balboa Sylvester Stallone Lifesize Howard S Bust That I Painted Up


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I recently finished painting up my Howard S Rocky Balboa Sylvester Stallone lifesize bust.

I started with trying to get a nice realistic skin tone & then giving it a sweaty wet look like he just went 12 rounds with Drago.

The sculpted hair was a real challenge to paint especially over the fore head. I may add some strands of black wire in a few areas to simulate more hair.

I also added prop eyes, eyelashes to bring him to life.

Stallone is one of my favorite action stars next to Arnold so I was real happy to add this bust to my collection.




Before pic.
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i cant believe no one has commented on this !!

This is seriously cool, well done on your paint job :thumbsup
Thanks for the positive comments guys.

Greatgalling I was doing my bust about the same time that I had seen your Rocky thread. Props to you again for doing the full lifesize display.

The sculpted hair is a real challenge to finish especially trying not to get any paint on your skin tones. My swear jar was about half full. :angel

Sometimes these type of projects get overlooked here as many of the members are more interested in space guys.:lol
I am more impressed about you managing to cut that teeny eye whole out under the scar for the glass/acryllic eyes. I chickened out and painted mine.
Nice work - my wife spotted me browsing this one and commented that it was good, which she doesn't often do - so it must be!

We're huge ROCKY fans in this house - they are the default movies to play on rainy afternoons.
Thanks again guys on the positive comments on the paint up.

It was not too much work to add prop eyes if you are a little crafty with the dremel. If you make a mistake that is what filler is for. :love

I am a 80's kid so Sylvester & Ahhnold are a must for me & the sculpt is killer completely capturing the classic Rocky look to perfection.
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