Rocketeer Upper Harness Buckles

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    I recently acquired some buckles like the upper buckle used to construct the jetpack harness in The Rocketeer movie. They are original vintage buckles not reproductions but were not used in the production of the actual movie. Yet they work fine for creating a replica of the harness. Below are photos of my buckles along with a link to a short video demonstrating how they work. I haven't cleaned or polished the buckles only oiled them a bit which explains the dirty hands seen in this video:) A distressed look jetpack might suit these buckles well or buffed to a gloss for a "new" looking style rocket/jet pack . -Dan

    Link to YouTube buckle video:

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    Very cool. You have one too many. :love lol
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    @Finhead: Rocketeer Upper Harness Buckles

    "One too many"
    Yeah - don't you just hate when it works out that

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    Very nice find! thanks for sharing!
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    Just wanted to ask what kind of search did you do on google for those items?
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    wow.. nice! lucky guy

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