Limited Run Rocketeer Style Boots - FINISHED!

Indy Magnoli

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I was thinking of doing a run of ready-made Rocketeer Boots for those interested. These will be made by the same cobbler as our ready-made Falcon Boots. The above photo shows a prototype I had made and I'm very happy with the results. I think for screen accuracy I'll go a couple shades darker though for the main run.

The price would be $275 (shipping included), so let me know if there is enough interest and we'll look at doing a run in standard sizes from men's 9 to 12 (including half-widths). If you want a larger size, we can accomodate as long as the order comes in before we start the run.

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Re: Rocketeer Style Boots - $275 (Shipped)

Looks like there is a good amount of interest here, so I'll start looking at doing this run... stay tuned.
Re: Rocketeer Style Boots - $275 (Shipped)

Interested! I'm an 8.5 amd I out of luck? guess I could size up to 9 if they don't run big.
Re: Rocketeer Style Boots - $275 (Shipped)

If you're 100% certain about getting a pair, let me know and I'll make sure we have an 8.5 included in the run.
Re: Rocketeer Style Boots - $275 (Shipped)

No, not specifically. We've got a bunch of things on our plate at the moment, but will get the ball rolling on these shortly.
Re: Rocketeer Style Boots - $275 (Shipped)

Ready to start production on these, but want your opinion on the color. The original prototypes shown above were made in a dark tan, but I think a brown leather would be more accurate to the original Rocketeer boots. Here are leather samples in light brown, medium brown and dark brown:


I'm debating between the light and medium brown. What do you guys think?

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Re: Rocketeer Style Boots - $275 (Shipped)

The Dehner Field Boots have a cap toe and no side lacing.

That's a great photo of the originals though, I'll be using this to update our pattern for sure! I agree that the medium brown is the way to go on this, so I'll get these started asap.

Our first run will be 15 pairs, so most sizes will have one or two pairs available, so hopefully those of you who have expressed interest will be able to pick up a pair in the first run. If not, we'll use the initial sales to gauge sizing popularity for the next run. No one will miss out. ;)
Re: Rocketeer Style Boots - $275 (Shipped)

I assume there will be room around the calf to tuck the jodphers, right? Save me a size 10.5.
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