Rocketeer Sconce


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Hello all

I am new to this board. I am the owner of a special makeup fx facility and we moved into a new shop last year.

For my office, I wanted to do something very rustic, with alot of old world furniture and accents.

So, for quite sometime, I had an unpainted Rocketeer helmet that I simply did not make the time to finish, as it always seemed there was something on my plate that was priority.

And then it hit me... why not turn my helmet into a sconce for my office.... worked perfectly with the theme.

It was just the motivation I needed, and within a few days, it was finished.

Now, everytime i walk into my office, I see it and it brings my childhood memories right back.

Thanks for looking!

For fun, I have also thrown a pic of my office door.. yeah.. I'm a dork







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