Rocketeer jetpack fan help


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Hello. I was wondering if anyone has a good source for the fan inside the Rocketeer jetpack. I think it's an air compressor fan, roughly 3.5-4 inches in diameter with 10 fan blades. If anyone can help me out, it will be really appreciated! Thanks.
I found a simple alternative that i use. I found a high def picture of a fan that i scaled and cut to fit. I then laminated the picture and placed it inside the indentation and placed the grill over the top. When seen in person it looks like an actual fan. If you were at The San Diego comic con 2011 you may have seen my friend Dave was wearing the pepakura based Rocketeer jet pack and helmet i made for him.
Thanks for the advice, but I plan on making the fan operational. I found with great step by step, but it's old, and the part number and compressor fan type no longer exist. I have a little time, but I'd really like to track down the apprpriate fan!
I will be getting a few fans the next couple of days or a week or two (being shipped as we speak).....the company no longer exists................ I was able to find the fan through another source, but i am sure i cleaned them out.......
well, I purchased a few.....not sure if i have any left overs or not since most are already spoken for.....if i have any left, i will put a thread in the junkyard
I guess I'll keep my eyes peeled in the junkyard, but if you could pass along any possible info on suppliers, i would much appreciate it since I only need one for my pack. Or if you'll sell me one of yours, name a price, and I'm in.
well, if i have an extra one, i will pm you first before posting in junkyard....i guess you can say you have "dibs" on it

i should know by end of the week
I just got my ACME pack kit so I am DEF in need of a fan. Are you saying the link Clint has on his parts list is no longer an option??
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